It is that time of year where, across the globe, writers are chasing their brain weasels into cages, pulling up a lectern, and nervously presenting their awards eligible work for 2016.

So ignore the plasters on my fingers (the weasels were a bit bitey) and instead let me direct you to The List of Things What I Have Written This Year What I Think You Might Like, Iffn It Please You, Thank You Sirs and Ladies and All Inbetween and Outside Those Narrow Gender Definitions.

The following are presented in order of my pride for the published piece, though I am of course enormously proud to have fiction published at all this year--which brings me to the important point that 2016 is my first year of Campbell eligibility, and I would be staggered beyond all description were you to consider me for that.

Squalor & Sympathy

9100 words (novelette category for Hugo and Nebula awards, short story for World Fantasy award)

Published in Writers of the Future volume 32, May 2016, ed. David Farland. Winner of the Grand Annual Prize, the Golden Pen award, at the Writers of the Future Gala, April 2016.

Also available in audio format from PodCastle as episode 427. You may also download it in the following formats: MOBI (for Kindle devices), ePub (for other eReaders), RTF or PDF.

How I Became Coruscating Queen Of All The Realms, Pierced The Obsidian Night, Destroyed A Legendary Sword, And Saved My Heart's True Love

5000 words, and only eligible for the Hugo because, sigh, only the ARC of No Shit, There I Was (ed. Alex Acks, published by Alliteration Ink) made it out to backers this year, which counts as publishing for the purposes of the Hugo but not for the Nebula. Which ain't half a faff, especially because it's one of my favourite things ever written (probably because Stewart, the other half of Baker & Dovey, is funnier than I am; ignore him when he says the same about me). If you're on Codex and have volunteered for awards reading, you should have had an email with this for your dubious reading pleasure.

Quartet of the Far Blown Winds

980 words (short story for Hugo and Nebula awards)

Published at Flash Fiction Online, November 2016

The Lady & the Moon

2115 words (short story for Hugo, Nebula and World Fantasy awards)

Published at Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, April 2016. Subscription required to read.

This is the Sound of the End of the World

992 words(short story for Hugo and Nebula awards)

Published at Flash Fiction Online, March 2016

Campbell Eligibility

As a final reminder, this is my first year of Campbell eligibility.


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