I may well regret committing to so much social media distraction. I fear that social media is catnip for writers: satisfying, addictive and wholly useless and unfulfilling.

Still! It's the done thing, and it's all about branding and marketing and all that stuff the internet has managed to make both ever-present and all-your-problem now. I bet it was easier when it was just marketing departments and book stores.

Point is I now have a Facebook page for my writing @ Facebook.com/MattDoveyWriter and a Twitter @MattDoveyWriter. Both stunningly original and creative names there, I'm sure you'll agree, both certain to stick in the mind and not slip off like bacon grease from teflon. Mmm, bacon.

I have no idea how I'm going to manage these separate profiles alongside this blog (that I really, genuinely, do not want to wither on the vine like so many others before it) but I suspect I'll crosspost on the streams for the big stuff (like new stories) and try and separate out otherwise. What I'm saying is it might be worth following me everywhere, if you really wanted to of course, and wouldn't mind awfully, and were feeling ever so generous to this poor writer's flimsy ego.

I certainly don't want to risk crossing the streams too much, though.



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